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10 Things

for Me and My Family to Know About My Autism

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10 things holidays.png

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The holidays are stressful when you don't feel like you have a seat at the table.

I created this worksheet/cheatsheet to help you to articulate your struggles with the holidays more clearly. I am sure there are way more than 10 things, but think of these as a jumping off point. This is a way to get yourself thinking about how you survive the holidays intact and with less burnout. 


There are lots of ways you could use this resource. You can use it to articulate an internal dialogue. You can also use it as a means by which you establish boundaries and build the accommodations you need to feel comfortable. You could print it out to share, to write out your own needs, or just to keep a folded copy in your pocket as a reminder. 


Thank you so much for coming to this page and using this tool. I hope you find it helpful.

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